Shinagawa Season Terrace Building Management Corporation (the Corporation) considers the handling and protection of private information to be its most important duty. The Corporation’s employees and contracted companies are kept thoroughly informed of its privacy policy, laid out below.

1.Appropriate handling of personal information

Information is gathered using only proper, honest methods.
Information is only used / provided for the purposes for which it was originally obtained.

2.Legal Compliance

We follow all regulations and other laws related to personal information.

3.Safety measures for the management of personal information

In order to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, information loss, falsification, and leaks, etc., the Corporation continually upgrades its countermeasures and strictly enforces its policies with all employees and contracted companies.

4.Enhanced employee training

Employees are continually provided training in the management of personal information and are made strongly aware of the need to protect private information.


In the unlikely case of complaints regarding the Corporation’s handling of private information, it will create a framework to handle such complaints in an appropriate and speedy manner, and the system in place will be fortified

Definition of private information

The term “private information” used by the Corporation refers to names, dates of birth, and other personally identifiable information; numbers, symbols and other marks assigned to individuals; and photographs or voice recordings that could be used to identify an individual (including information which by itself could not be used in identification, but which could be used to identify individuals when used together with other easily obtainable information.)

Browser Cookies

The Corporation uses cookies and access logs in order to improve services provided on the website. Cookies are used to make browsing more convenient upon subsequent visits to the website. They are neither an attempt to infringe upon customer privacy, nor do they have a deleterious effect upon user computers.
In addition, access logs are analyzed either by the Corporation or by contracted parties to improve the ways in which information is provided, and private information in access logs is likewise controlled and handled in only the most appropriate fashion.

Regarding revisions

The above policies are subject to revision by the Corporation.

March 2015