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3.5 hectares of space full of bustling life

The building is composed of two sections, the tower and the annex. Commercial establishments, conference rooms and other office support facilities are concentrated on the 1st to 3rd floors. The 3rd Floor office lobby has four banks of banks of elevators which guarantee smooth flow of traffic to and from each office zone in the building.

Green space that connects the office to the community

This spacious park is an integral part of the office building complex. Office workers and visitors both will be surprised as the pleasant sense of calm they receive as they enjoy the view, no matter the season. The park can be used in a great variety of ways, such as for events or simply for recreational activities, and so it also serves as a place to bring people together.
It is a wonderful space that helps to connect the city with nature and to bring people together in numerous ways.

Experience the coming of spring with the sakura trees

The arrival of the sakura blossoms marks the arrival of spring, and the trees lure people here to enjoy the serenely festive atmosphere. With the coming of spring, we offer a space for relief and relaxation.

Come see the park in its beautiful autumn colors

The vibrant colors of the changing leaves bring home the fact that autumn has arrived. The park is used for a variety of events that produce an energetic vibrance.

3.5 hectares of space full of bustling life

Shinagawa Season Terrace provides a vast, 3.5 hectare park nestled in amongst the city’s office buildings.
This newly-built park brings people closer together and injects the area with an energetic liveliness that not only gives this business hub a relaxed atmosphere, but also helps to nurture and contribute to the community as a whole.

Green Square

This pocket park offers an abundance of water and plant life. The space features a green wall, a wall fountain, water-flow windows, a water cascade, water-retentive paving, and other mechanisms that allow for the creation of a comfortable space for people to wind down.

Event Area

A space abundant in nature – an oasis in the middle of the urban desert. From tree-lined pathways to waterscapes, from fog art to vast fields of grass, this space is not only a perfect place to relax, it can also be used for events and other activities.

Business Support

Shops & Restaurants, Business Convenience Store, Dentis

The vast selection of restaurants provides a space for any business situation, whether having lunch or entertaining a client. The restaurants also have a view of the park, which produces a relaxing space that makes people forget they are sitting in the heart of the city.

Conference Rooms, Hall

Shinagawa Season Terrace provides corporate tenant support by providing conference rooms and a hall which can be used for various corporate events, including performances, exhibitions, and workshops. We support office workers in many ways.