Building Overview
An Evolving International Business Hub

Shinagawa area has a great amount of potential as the future home of a new Yamanote Station and as the first stop on the future maglev train line.

Shinagawa continues to evolve as a new business hub, attracting global corporations to the area.

Shinagawa flourished as the first post station on the Tokaido, the highway from Edo to Kyoto, and developed into a strategic stop for the exchange of people, things and information. Shinagawa’s extremely convenient location and its vast number of hotels, make it an extremely appealing area that will continue to develop as an international business hub.

Building Outline
Address:Konan 1-2, Minato Ward, Tokyo
Property Area:49,547.86㎡
Area of Building Footprint:9,138.31㎡
Total Floor Area:205,899.69㎡
Above Ground Structure:Steel construction
(concrete-filled steel tubes)
Below Ground:Reinforced-concrete construction (base isolation structure)
Size:32 floors above ground, 1 floor below ground
Parking:313 spaces
Completed:February 25, 2015
Primary Operators:NTT Urban Development
Taisei Corporation
Hulic Co., Ltd.
Tokyo City Development Co. Ltd.
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Sewerage
Design:NTT Facilities
Taisei Corporation
NTT Urban Development
Nihon Suiko Sekkei Co., Ltd.
Construction:Taisei Corporation