An International Business Hub and Area Landmark

Shinagawa Season Terrace is a large-scale public-private project developed through the use of vertical city urban planning by the Tokyo Metropolitan government in collaboration with four companies: NTT Urban Development, Taisei Corporation, Hulic, and Tokyo City Development Co. Ltd.

The project was implemented alongside the city’s reconstruction of the Water Reclamation Center, and with the collective knowledge, experience, and technology of the operators, designers and construction companies involved. The plan provided for effective use of vertical space, while remaining environmentally conscious and ensuring safety and security.

The building is designed from an environmentally-conscious perspective, and uses renewable sources of energy and new technologies to reduce its environmental footprint while also providing comfortable conditions within the building. In addition, the energy management system governs both CO2 emissions and energy use to ensure that the building meets the country’s highest environmental performance standards.

The building uses a base-isolation system to produce a greater margin of safety, and mechanisms are in place to support tenant Business Continuity Plans, in case of regional blackouts or interruptions to the water supply after a major disaster. Tenants can be assured that they will be able to continue operating in such an eventuality.

A great variety of shops, restaurants, conference rooms and halls can be found on the lower floors, while the 3.5 acre park next to the building will allow people to enjoy the natural landscape and waterfront scenery during any season. This brings a relaxed sense of serenity to the business hub, and also helps to nurture and contribute to the community as a whole.

Shinagawa has seen itself develop into a hub for international business in recent years. We aim for Shinagawa Season Terrace to become a landmark for the area, as a revolutionary office building offering revolutionary services.

The Shinagawa Area

Shinagawa flourished for centuries as the first post station on the famed Tokaido, the highway that stretched between Edo and the imperial capital at Kyoto.
When the railway between Shimbashi and Yokohama opened in 1872, it ran along the waterside through Shinagawa, but the land east of the station began to be reclaimed at the beginning of the reign of the Showa Emperor. A man-made islands the same size as the current area was completed by around 1945, and Shinagawa began to take shape with factories and apartment buildings built on the newly-claimed land.
In the early 1950’s, the area west of the station was also developed, with hotels and other commercial establishments opening their doors there. The number of people coming and going in the area rose grew even higher.
The 1990’s saw Shinagawa’s look transform with a succession of office buildings being built one after another in the area near the station, and condominium complexes rising from the ground in neighborhoods such as Konan, Shibaura, and Tennozu.
A number of train lines pass through Shinagawa Station, including a private line, the Tokaido Shinkansen and other JR lines, and the station provides excellent accessibility to both Haneda and Narita airports.
It will be the future terminus of the Chuo Shinkansen maglev train, and plans for a new station between Shinagawa and Tamachi on the Yamanote Line have been finalized, so we can expect the area to continue to evolve, as the southern doorstep to Tokyo.

Each floor of the building provides a vast amount of space, with almost 5000 ㎡ of floor space and ceilings 2.9 meters tall. The building’s appointments provide excellent energy-savings through the installation of LED lighting, sophisticated, low-E insulated glazing, and other means. The configuration is easily adaptable to various needs and extremely flexible floor layouts are possible.

Tenants enjoy expansive office spaces that offer incredible views of the waterfront and the city from every floor – with the rich greenery of the park visible from the lower floors, and views of Tokyo Tower, the Rainbow Bridge, and other areas visible from the upper floors.
 Upper Floor Plan
3.5 hectares of space full of bustling life
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Safety and peace of mind at one of the most advanced base-isolation structure buildings in Japan.
Using a base isolation structure to minimize potential damage in the event of a powerful earthquake

Base isolation earthquake-resistance construction mitigates the impact of an earthquake on a structure, thereby protecting human life and maintaining the usability of the structure. Shinagawa Season Terrace uses a precisely balanced system of layered natural rubber bearings to moderate shaking during an earthquake, layered rubber dampening bearings which dampen oscillations, and oil dampers which absorb the energy generated during an earthquake. The effectiveness of such sophisticated technologies and construction techniques was demonstrated during the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake. The system is also able to respond to long-period ground motion.

The Highest Level of Seismic Performance

In comparison with normal earthquake-resistant structures and dampening systems, a base isolation structure is much more resistant to the effect of powerful earthquakes. The chart below shows the different performance grades, and shows that a base isolation system offers the highest level of seismic performance, helping maintain a building’s functionality after the occurrence of an earthquake.

* Undamaged: functionality is maintained.
Light damage: functionality can be returned after simple repairs.
Minor damage: functionality can be returned after minor repairs.
Moderate damage: moderate amount of restoration necessary to return functionality. Major damage: major restorations may be difficult even with major restorations conducted.

Secure Flood Control Measures

The first floor of the building was set at a height of TP+4.3 meters (see diagram below for definitions) using the Minato Ward flood hazard map and historical data on rainfall and high tide records. According to the Tokyo Disaster Management Council, TP+2.47m is the predicted maximum height of a tsunami hitting Minato Ward, so any tsunami generated by an earthquake would not reach as high as the building.

A green office building that meets the highest national standards

Season Terrace actively incorporates a number of energy-saving systems that make more efficient use of precious green energy sources – sunlight, wind, and water.
Increase corporate value by operating from a green office building that meets the highest national environmental standards.

Top-ranked Environmental Performance

Shinagawa Season Terrace has received a rank of AAA (the highest rank) in two evaluations in the Metropolitan Tokyo Architectural Energy Savings Evaluation Report: building heat load reduction (PAL reduction rate), and building system energy reduction rate (ERR). The building is also expected to earn a CASBEE S rank.

ICT Services

Shinagawa Season Terrace uses a wide variety of information and communications technologies (ICT) to provide users with facilities that are convenient and easy to use.

Free Wi-Fi

In event spaces, shops, restaurants and various other areas throughout the building, visitors are able to connect to the internet through a free WiFi connection.

How to connect
Connect to the SEASON_TERRACE_FREE network from a smartphone or computer. When you open your browser, you will be automatically directed to an authentication page. After a simple registration process, you will be able to get online.

> For more details on how to connect using your device, please download one of the PDFs from the links below.

  ・For Android phones   ・For iPhone
  ・For Windows OS   ・For Mac OS

Digital Signage

A number of digital signs are installed both inside and outside the building to provide a variety of useful information, including on meetings taking place at conference rooms and halls, exhibition and event information for shops, restaurants and event spaces, and even local weather and business information.

Smartphone App

Use the Shinagawa Season Terrace smartphone app to find information on coupons and sales at shops within the building and other special information related to Shinagawa Season Terrace. Available on both Android phones and iPhones.